New treatments for advanced skin cancer

Posted on Wednesday, June 8th, 2011 in Health

New treatments for advanced skin cancer have been revealed at a cancer conference in Chicago. These innovative new treatments could potentially add years to a patients life.

Professor Richard Marais of the Institute of Cancer Research has described the treatments as “the biggest breakthrough in melanoma treatment in more than 30 years.” Professor Peter Johnson of Cancer Research UK believes this to be the first effective treatment of melanoma ever. Melanoma currently kills over 2,000 people in the UK per year.

When compared to chemotherapy, patients who are treated with a new pill called Vemurafenib could have a greater chance of surviving skin cancer for longer. Tests have recently been carried out on 675 patients with advanced melanoma and appear to uphold the scientists’ claims.

The study showed that 84% of patients who took two doses of the new drug per day were still alive six months later. In comparison, of patients receiving the standard chemotherapy treatments, only 64% were still alive after six months.

The trial also showed that the drug decreased the risk of the cancer degenerating further by74% compared to chemotherapy.

These results were successful enough to convince experts in Britain who were running the trial to halt their research ahead of schedule. They then switched all of their patients onto the drug immediately.

A second drug called Ipilimumab has also been developed and could give patients extra years of life. Ipilimumab is taken intravenously, and another study has show that a one-off infusion of the drug can extend patients’ lives.

However, the drugs are relatively expensive and it is yet not clear whether the NHS will be able to afford to use them.

Brain cells created from skin cells

Posted on Sunday, June 5th, 2011 in Life Insurance

US Scientists have successfully developed a procedure to create fully fully functioning human brain cells. This procedure had previously been demonstrated in mice, but the latest research has solidified the evidence and proves that it can be replicated in humans.

By manipulating the DNA in the growth of new skin cells, a team of scientists from California have successfully created new cells which behave like neurons.

The scientists introduced a genetically modified virus into foetal skin cells. As a result, a small portion of the cells are then transformed into nerve cells. Similar processes exist which first transform the skin cells into stem cells, but this new process is a more direct way of creating neurons.

This process has now demonstrated that it is possible to redirect the way in which a cell develops, rather than just reversing the development of new cells.

The immediate application of this new process is expected to be in modelling diseases. Due to the difficult nature of examining the human brain, most research into diseases at a molecular level is done after a patient has died. The new process will enable new research into how diseases develop in their earlier stages.

An assistant researcher on the project, Professor Marius Warnig, believes that one day the technique could be used to treat patients with neurological conditions. Cells could be created from the patients own skin and transplanted to their brain. However, researchers are keen to stress that this development is some way in the future.

Sainsbury’s Over 50s Life Insurance Plan

Posted on Monday, March 28th, 2011 in Life Insurance

Sainsbury’s Over 50s Life Insurance Plan is offered via Legal and General. Life insurance policies are meant to help protect the loved ones of those who pass away and leave them behind. When a loved one passes on and they have bills that need to be paid, the life insurance will help to cover such expenses.

When are people to get life insurance? It has been recommended that life insurance policies are acquired when a person is young. By the time a person is between 30 and 50 years of age, the policy is paid off. What if a person that is 50 years of age wants to by a life insurance policy? It best to look around and find the best policy for you and the internet is a good place to start.

Some policies recommend a medical examination before they will let a person purchase a life insurance policy. There are also some that do not require an examination. Life insurance policies that require an examination will not insure a person if they have existing medical problems. For those 50 years old it would be better that they apply for an insurance policy that requires no medical examination, Sainsbury’s Over 50s Life Insurance Plan could fit the bill.

This could be the most important investment in their life. No matter what age you are: a life insurance policy should be in place to be sure that your loved ones can cover any and all expenses when that time comes.

Life Insurance Problems for People over 50

Posted on Sunday, March 27th, 2011 in Life Insurance

A lot of people realize very late how important life insurance is for them and the welfare of their loved ones. Thirty years ago it would’ve been impossible to find an insurance plan for people over 50. Insurance companies were just not prepared to take the risk on people that age when there was no gurantee that they would live beyond a couple of years. Today, there are hundreds of companies offering fixed term and adjustment plan each with their own condition and rules.

The selection of an insurance company, if you’re older than 50 is a difficult task in itself. The contract that you signup for, with an insurance company contains complex text and pages upon pages of technical language, hard for the common man to understand. It is far better to get some professional help; someone who is knowledgeable in insurance policies and companies. You could take the help of a professional insurance broker online if possible.

Another problem that a lot of elderly people face are the higher premium rates that go with their over 50 insurance policy. People over 50 are high-risk individuals for insurance companies. That’s why the premiums are substantially high. What may look like a cheap insurance plan might have some fine print to it that you are not able to understand. That means you might not be getting all the benefits that you think you are. Once again, professional help is needed in determining whether the plan you’ve chosen is the one for you. People over 60 have retired from their regular jobs, so it is pretty hard to make the high insurance premium each month. The advantage of course is that the money paid to the insurance company safeguards you’re future and that of your family. It is money you’re saving and if you die before time your family gets a good sum of money, without having to pay taxes on it. It is ultimately the choice of the individusal to make the decidion in this regard.

Most insurance companies do not give you an insurance police unless you present a clean bill of health. You’re required to go through extensive physical testing and medical tests, X-rays, blood tests, the whole lot. For insurance companies, life insurance is a business. They want to make sure their interests are safe gusrded before entering into an agreement with an individual. There are medically related questionaires to be answered and generally a sample of urine and blood has to be submitted. For people with fatal or dangerous health conditions there might be a problem getting suitable coverage at affordable rates. There is a lot of competition between different insurance companies, so it might be agood idea to look into what each company is offering for the senior citizen.

It is possible to get insured even at the age of 80 but it has to be done with care and by taking the help of a professional.

A Review of Legal and General’s Over 50’s Life Insurance Options

Posted on Friday, March 18th, 2011 in Life Insurance

legal and general over 50's life insuranceIf you are looking for insurance that covers older people without any awkward medical questions then you do not have to worry as Legal and General has what you are after. The company’s over 50’s life insurance has everything that you could possible need. There are a variety of plans to suit your needs such as fixed, funeral and other options.

Price is an important consideration particularly if you have a limited budget. It is important that you choose the right option for you otherwise you will pay more than you intend to. Staff are often willing to help you select the right plan for you and your loved ones.

Call the company and ask them to give you a quote over the phone or in person. Shop around and see if the Legal and General over 50′s life insurance is not the best insurance company available. Your loved ones will likely thank you as you prevent financial hardship for them if you die. You will likely find that you do not have to fill in reams of paper as you apply for cover. You do not have to spend hours coping with endless questions only to find that you do not qualify for cover.

The Legal and General over 50′s life insurance company believes in showing compassion and care as it listens and delivers on its promises. This guarantee provides people with confidence that the money will be there if they or their loved ones need it. It is even cheaper if couples are covered on the same plan. In conclusion your family will likely find that they will receive thousands of pounds when it is most needed.

Women encouraged to buy life insurance

Posted on Friday, March 11th, 2011 in Life Insurance

Women have become the main breadwinner in their family, yet they fail to protect their loved ones from financial hardship. Studies show that most women have little or no life insurance in case of an critical illness or death.

More than half of the study’s participants stated that they had not considered it necessary to buy life insurance for their family. The studies also revealed that over three quarters of the women did not have other health insurance policies for their family.

Roger Edwards, proposition director at Bright Grey said: “With women making more financial decisions, it is vital that they do not leave out having adequate financial protection for themselves and their families when making financial decisions.”

Both men and women need to ensure that they protect their children from poverty and hardship. Prioritise your finances and do everything necessary to prevention destitution if you were to die.

It is easier to for and buy life insurance than you think it its. Insurers have made it easier than ever for you to buy life insurance as you do not to worry about forms and medical checks. Customers will be asked a few questions to assess their suitability. The process is quick and painless for anyone to apply.

Apply over the phone, online or in person to various insurance companies in the UK. Insurance companies require that you pay a few pounds a week to protect your family from unforeseen events. Your family will thank you if they find that they need the money for funeral and daily expenses.

Reasons for Offering Life Insurance Policies for People Over 50

Posted on Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011 in Life Insurance

Even though it is normally held that persons over 50 had completed all their family obligations and their wants are limited, the changed lifestyles of present days make it necessary for people over 50 also to have substantial insurance policy covers. The reasons for granting them affordable insurance policies are presented below.

  • Due to the advancements in medical health care, the longevity of people had increased significantly in most countries of the world. Previously, the average age of death used to be around 60-65. However, nowadays, this had climbed to between 75 and 80 in several countries. It is possible that the previous insurance policies had become matured and cashed in. These amounts would have been distributed among the children or spent to meet the loans taken for educating the children and for home mortgage loans. As such fresh policies are definitely required for people above 50.
  • Since people concentrate on their careers more and marry late, their home mortgages also start much later. When they reach 50, the home mortgage loans and other loans might not have been fully paid. With a fresh insurance policy for over 50 people, these loans could be settled easily, in case of their premature death.

Why People Over 50 Had Been Refused Life Insurance Facilities?

Posted on Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011 in Life Insurance

It is normally assumed that people over 50 do not require life insurance cover, since their children had become independent and their retirement income is more than sufficient to enable them lead a comfortable life. It is also felt that they would have paid their home mortgage loans by that time and their wants are limited. Further, insurance companies consider people over 50 as higher risk for fatality within a short span of time and hence, are reluctant to provide them the necessary insurance cover. Hence, when people over 50 approach insurance companies for policy coverage, they insist on strict medical checkups and detailed reports about their health condition, so that the risk borne by the insurance companies are reduced to the minimum.

In addition, even if people over 50 are in good health, their medical expenses would be significantly higher if they fall ill due to the reduced immunity that they have to various diseases and ailments. This forces the insurance companies to restrict insurance cover for persons over 50 to the minimum and also steeply raise the monthly premiums for them to discourage them from taking adequate cover. These are the major reasons for people over 50 finding it difficult to obtain insurance coverage.

Over 50 Life Insurance What You Need To Know

Posted on Monday, February 21st, 2011 in Life Insurance

When it comes time in your life, and we all will need to look at it at one point or another to get a quote on over 50 life insurance rates. You will need to be well knowledgeable in this subject in an effort to ensure that you are getting the best deal for your money. While it is a subject that many people do not want to contend with, it is one that will need to be addressed when the time comes.

The sad news is that often times a person will not make an effort to get a life insurance quote and will find themselves out of luck when their time on earth comes to an end. This will leave the people in a lurch looking for answers.

The people left behind are then faced with the hard task of having to make the best that they can and will many times have to take up a collection to bury their loved one. This is a difficult fact of life that can be avoided with preventative measures being taken for the person.

The first step will need to be that of heading to the funeral home and make sure that the arrangements are all in order. This is a needed step, as it will tell you the general amount of money that will be needed in order to take care of the final expenses of you when your time comes. This will also allow you to see the amount of money that you will need in order to take care of the people that you have left behind. This amount of money will need to be figured into the final amount that you need.

Now that the icky part of the process is taken care of it is now time to compare rates. This is the part of the process that requires a lot of research in an effort to make sure that you are getting the best deal for your money.

The last thing any person wants is to find out that the large monthly payments did not cover as much of the expenses that the person thought they would, this can lead the person left behind having to deal with financial issues all while grieving their loss.

Having a plan that provides affordable rates is an important thing to do, it will allow the final expenses to be dealt with and afford them the time to grieve without having to deal with money issues. So the research done at the beginning will benefit the loved ones in the end.

Getting the over 50 best insurance rates is one of the easiest things that a person can do in helping plan for the end of their life. While nothing is certain, the final outcome is undeniable. Make sure that you have made the approximate arrangements in the end to ensure that the ones you leave behind will be taken care of. It is the very least that you can do for them in their time of mourning and loss.

Merits of Life Settlement Plan of Insurance Policies for Over 50 Persons

Posted on Monday, February 21st, 2011 in Life Insurance

Life settlement plans by selling existing insurance policies are highly profitable propositions for people over 50, since they might not be in a position to continue to pay the considerable premium amounts after superannuation from their employment. Hence, life settlement plans have lots of merit for over 50 persons. Still, the question of how much money would the life insurance policy provide through life settlement is a complicated one. The actual amount that a person would receive by resorting to life settlement of the life insurance policy would depend on the age, health, and terms of the insurance policy. Local market conditions would also play a crucial role in the final settlement amount.

However, the biggest advantage in life settlement is that the individual would get higher settlement amount, if the age of that person is more and the health is in poorer condition. This might look like an impossible controversy but in reality, it actually works better for persons with higher age and poorer health. For example, an individual of 84 years old had an insurance policy for $500,000. The cash value of the policy was $24,000. The annual premiums on the policy were $21,000. Through life settlement, that person was able to receive about $215,000, which was nine times the cash value of the policy.